create your own maplestory worlds!

maple story worlds

MapleStory Worlds is the platform where Creators and Players can join together and build a community of fun.
You can enjoy fantastic Worlds that are created by professional game developers or Creators like you.
If you want to explore your own creativity, you can jump into MapleStory Worlds and make a new World of your own.
You have access to millions of assets from the famous MMORPG MapleStory, including avatars, monsters, images, music, and more!

Toben Studio

About toben studio

Toben Studio is the publishing company behind MapleStory Worlds, where dedicated, talented, and passionate professionals,
along with Creators from all around the world, are building a platform that connects Creators and Players.


Our goal is to provide the best developing environment for Creators and a flawless gaming experience for everyone who enjoys the Worlds created in the platform.
With the support of Nexon, the developer of MapleStory Worlds, we will work hard to deliver the best service that provides the best experience to our Creators and Players.

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